Did you know?

In the middle of the Belgian arms crisis with guns found in the hands of Yemeni militias, FN Herstal and Wallonia are continuing their little business deals in the United Arab Emirates? They will be present from February 21 at IDEX 2019, the well-known Middle East arms event in Abu Dhabi. What a strange coincidence?

The fact is nobody is talking about it.

This is why Amnesty International and its agency AIR have decided to strike a blow by launching an action that is nothing if not original. The idea is to encourage as many people as possible to place orders for mitraillettes (machine guns) sandwiches and pâté pistol rolls with the representatives of FN Herstal at the fair.

The idea is simple, the more people who call during the fair, the less time the Herstal representatives will have to receive and discuss with customers there.

Fewer customers = fewer sales.
Fewer sales = less civilian blood on the hands of Walloons.

For the moment, AIR has simply shared the detailed coordinates of the person in charge of the stand in Abu Dhabi (we found it on the FN website), and distributed this information widely via social networks. A very Belgian idea that proves that you can make a big impact with next to no means.

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